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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to Antiquorum

Vox, The Antiquorum Magazine
Antiquorum, the world’s premier watch auctioneer is proud to announce the launch of our new blog. Whether you are searching for vintage watches for sale or modern timepieces, you will find that the Antiquorum blog will keep you in the know.  As part of our commitment to our customers, we are delighted to offer you the most up to date news on what’s going on in the exciting world of horology and provide the expertise of our world renowned watch specialists who will help you sell watches as well offer advice on how to buy watches online, in the auction room or over the phone. With our Antiquorum blog, we hope that watch enthusiasts will come here to discover the latest Rolex watch value and, as always, the world’s best used watches for sale.

If you are interested in more Antiquorum news and articles, check out VOX - The Antiquorum Magazine. VOX contains information about various auctions, used watches for sale, vintage watches for sale and more. VOX also includes end of year recaps like the piece The Watch Market in America, 2011 by Nate Borgelt.

Within The Watch Market in America, 2011, Borgelt recaps the trends and patterns of the market throughout America in 2011. Borgelt suggests a correlation between the appearance of a limited amount of exceptional pieces available and their ultimate strong sales of these items. While in the past, many people have sought investment in real estate and the stock market, the waning economy has enticed many to find alternative avenues for investment such as watch auctions like Antiquorum.

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