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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buying A Watch With Peace Of Mind

Patek Philippe ref. 2523, World Time, Guilloche Gold Center
After more than 35 years, Antiquorum Auctioneers is still the leading place to find exceptional, luxury watches. We have tried to make the process of purchasing a watch simple and easy. We have 10 auctions throughout the year. Watches can be viewed online at, through the printed catalog or at the auction location site. It is as simple as registering to bid, bidding, purchasing and receiving your new watch. There are safe and easy ways to bid in one of our watch auctions: you can bid in person at the designated auction house, bid through the website online in real time at, by telephone or through an absentee bid.

All the watches that are auctioned off have been appraised by a team of experts and horologists. The estimated valued price is listed in the lot description of each watch. Also included in each lot description of the watch is an itemized detailed description of the watch, images, and a condition report.

Antiquorum has set world records in sales for watches, wristwatches, clocks, marine chronometers and regulators at auction. We have sold 51 of the 85 top selling timepieces of all the major auction houses. We will only sell items that are authentic and appraised by a team of experts and horologists.

An Antiquorum watch and timepiece auction is the leading way to buy and sell modern and vintage watches and timepieces. Buyers are able to view and choose the item that they are wishing to purchase with the knowledge that it is genuine and appraised. The knowledge that you are purchasing an authenticated timepiece gives you the peace of mind to bid with ease and comfort and without hesitation.



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